art-design-education-exchange with Africa

Seminar at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki 13th to 15th of June, 2001



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Master's thesis on Africa at UIAH

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Master's thesis on Africa at UIAH
Open abstracts of Master's thesis here as pdf-file.
Himba-boy, photo: Mari Bisi

Developing and Marketing Arts and Crafts Production in Namibian Framework, Satu Miettinen
This work was done in co-operation with the Finnish Embassy in Windhoek, Namibia. The aim of the work was to locate niche areas in Namibian handicraft production. Further infromation from:
Mind Bar - Kohtaamisia kenialaisessa kylässä, Riikka Ajanki and Nina Paajanen
The material for the multimedia cd-rom was collected in the village of mukurwe-in, Kenya in the summer of 1998. The dialogue describes cultural adaption and non-adaption. Panorama pictures function as peepholes, which immerse the viewer in the everyday life of the villagers of Mukurwe-in. The themes of the interviews were traditions and western influences. Further information from:
Suuntana Afrikka - Taidekasvatus osana kehitysyhteistyötä itäisessä Afrikassa, Outi Mäkinen ja Päivi Määttä
Goal of this work was to find out how Finnish NGO-based art and art education projects in Eastern Africa were being managed. Field work was done as part of Ngoru Art and Design-project in Kenya. Further information from:,
Kenialaisen kuvataideopettajan tarina - Elina Toppari has worked with multicultural education and Ngoru-project in Kenya. Her master's thesis are about Kenyan Art Educator Teresa Wambui Gitui and school life in Kenya. Elina Toppari will give further information:
Recent Master's thesis on Africa:
Österberg, Edvard: Designing mobile communications devices for the south African market: an ethnographic study of the black south African culture, 2001
Korpela, Kristiina: Tutkimusmatka Afrikan nykytaiteen jäljille, 1998
Karjalainen, Pekka Antero: Rytmi-dokumenttielokuvan äänisuunnittelu, 1993
Seppo, Sanni: Minun Afrikkani - rasismin nousu ja tuho
All the thesis are available at the library of UIAH.