art-design-education-exchange with Africa

Seminar at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki 13th to 15th of June, 2001



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Papers presented at ADEEA
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The African Lecturers

Kakuba Kapia and Donna Pido
Kakuba Kapia is a lecturer in Religious Studies at the Kyambogo University in Kampala. He teaches African Traditional Religion,Christian Theology and other religions. He is also a specialist of
mental programming and empowerment and enterpreneurship. He is interested in finding out how religion, art and culture can empower people in Africa, Uganda in particular, to overcome various problems,obstacles and challenges.
Donna Pido is an anthropologist by profession and a designer by passion and works as a consultant in several fields including product design and AIDS education. She teaches jewelry design for the University of Nairobi and intercultural communication for the University of Minnesota's studies abroad program in Kenya. She has exhibited jewelry, paintings and sculpture in Kenya and the US and fostered several small crafts industries in Kenya. Her
publications focus on the relationship between indigenous design paradigms and communication.

Catherine Gombe and Philip Kwesiga
Catherine Gombe is the head of Art and Design Department of the Kyambogo University in Kampala. She teaches printmaking and and drawing. She has deep interest in nature and indigenous crafts. Presently she is involved in two researches: Indigenous mat-making as a practicable craft for formal education in Uganda and an investigation into environmental, economic and aesthetic aspects of the barkcloth in industry being carried out with a colleague who is a geographer and anthropologist from St. Lawrence University, USA.
Philip Kwesiga is the dean of the School of Industrial and Fine Arts of Makerere University in Kampala. He is a well known designer of ceramics and has exhibited his works in Kampala, London, Hague and Cuba. He works as a graphic designer as well. His publications have dealt with improvement of fire clays in Uganda, ceramic industries in and around Kampala and pottery in Ibanda county. Currently he researches the influence of management on the quality of pottery in South-Western Uganda.

Odoch and Donna Pido
Odoch Pido is a designer and design educator. He has been a faculty member in the Department of Design, University of Nairobi for 25 years and is currently serving as a chairman of the department. His professional design activities range from low tech product design to book design to exhibition design for which he has won several awards. Odoch often exhibits his art photograhy and consults for design organizations in Kenya and Uganda. His many publications include works which bring his own Acholi culture into focus and connection with other cultures from the design point of view.